Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Interview On Discounts! All About Discounts!

            Two weeks ago, I was being given on an assignment to conduct an interview session with two respondents. In the interview, we talked mainly about 'Discounts' and I had to get the feedbacks out of the two interviewees regarding on their personal opinion and thoughts for 'Discounts'. 
            The first interviewee I had interviewed was, Encik Herman Iskandar Mohamad Kamarudin. He was an old neighbour of mine at my previous house. Encik Herman is 46 years old this year and works as a policeman. Through the interview session with him, we shared information on how did he get to know about discounts, from who did he get to know the word discount, and what is his opinion on the discount sales promotion techniques. While conducting the interview with him, I noticed that he likes to take his sweet time thinking of how to convey his respond in phrases by speaking slowly, with a deep solemn voice and answered me back with most of his flashback on passed happenings.
            Throughout the interview session with him, I couldn’t grab whole of much key points from him as he does not stress on much of the main points for discounts, when being asked on a question. I had to struggle to jumble up more detailed questions to make him speak out more on his thoughts. Basically, he supports the discount sales promotion techniques being done in our country
For my second respondent, he is a business consultant, Mr Kok Chiang. Mr Chiang is my mum’s colleague and I took the initiative to approach him during his lunch hour. I would say that Mr Chiang is a highly educated person and he shared with me on both good and bad about discounts from his personal thoughts. Through this interview session with Mr Chiang he provided me a lot of information and sharing regarding on discounts.   
From this interview session, Mr Chiang has negative thoughts on discounts as he did mention in his interview that discount is a bad thing in his opinion. The reason is because he feels that discounts are for people who do not know much of the things are worth and are easily attracted to get the product at a cheap price.
Apart from that, there are also a few types of errors that occurred when conducting the interviews. Non-response error did occurred when I was having an interview with Encik Herman. As we were conducting the interview, refusal did occur as he did not really provide much detailed information on the discounts. He shared more of his life experience compared to providing more detailed information about discounts. In addition, self-selection bias also did occurred. Encik Herman was more towards over-representing extreme position when I was conducting the interview session with him. The reason is simply because, he tend to out spoke on the questions that I asked him by replacing with his family lifestyle.
            In conclusion, the interviews are being carried out nicely and results are also quite satisfied.
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