Saturday, July 30, 2011

What's on your mind??

This question always ... always... pops out in my mind. I kinda know what I want actually. Just that I don't have the chance to go for that path. How I wish I'm very fortunate like other kids out there, that get what they want. I will try and find a way to put my feet on the floor path where I wanna head to. I did screw things up during my secondary school days.. I admit it >.< . However, the past is the past, we cannot go back time, therefore, I shall just struggle and do my best to make it happen.
I'm a kind of person who just want things to go my way sometimes.. and yeah.. I know it's a bit negative, but somehow, if you don't have your own stand, when will you voice it out and make things go your way?? Make your dreams come true?? We only give up if it is really hopeless to achieve something. Hence, we strive for every single chances that we got , although it is only 0.01%. I must have this kind of mindset to keep me motivated every single day. :)

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

1 month work starts off~

Gonna start my 1 month work at Perfect Mac tomorrow. It's gonna be fun :D . It's because there are friends over there to accompany me. However, it sure is gonna be tiring :S . Oh well. Shall just work for 1 month and see the outcome ! off to bed early tonight. Good Night People!

Thursday, July 14, 2011


In my life, there are not many happy things or moments actually happened. I bare with the stress and sometimes worry each and everyday. Sometimes, I feel that I had lost my direction as well. I don't seem to be able to focus on a certain thing and make it perfect. When there is a wide open opportunity for you to catch your dream..and you seem to fail in making it to happen..then you are on the same boat as me.
I don't show how deeply sad and disappointed I am in front of all my friends and family members.. I often keep to myself. I just hope that one day.. I will make my dream to come true. There are actually a lot of other stuff that I don't really share with others..the reason is because.. although by saying it out.. your family or friends will pity you or feel sad for you just for that moment I guess.. But somehow.. the problem still remains there.. and it is up to ourselves to solve the matter.
Back in the old high school days.. I would say.. I did enjoy them..example..ditching classes, fooling around and chit-chatting with classmates. I had known quite a lot of interesting friends back in form 4 and form 5. These friends are the one that made me smiled happily. I'm glad that I've bunked into them :) . For my scout friends, they made me recalling back lots of lots of funny, dumb and crazy moments :P
We are put to a stress on a lot of stuff everyday and I know we all just want a simple and peaceful life. I just need a good opportunity and given a little bit of luck to put the magic together and make everything happen. I didn't give up my dream..and definitely won't..unless I die young.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

12.07.2011. I'm Back with blogging!

Hell yeah! I'm Back in blogging. Well, I've decided to come back and blog for I think that everyone should remember and recall all the activities that they have done and share it with others. This will then eventually make the events or daily activities much more memorable :) Therefore, stay tune for my upcoming post :P