Thursday, January 5, 2012

Oct, Nov and Dec 2011!

Alright. as I've said to myself.. I must blog all the things and activities that had happened in October, November and December 2011.
First of all. Let's start off with the mountain climbing activities in Santubong and Singai. These two mountains were being conquered by me in a 3 months. Me and the gang was definitely proud of ourselves for completing them with our (weak stamina) :D

Journey to Mount Santubong...
 Mount Santubong  (Time Estimation)
 Up up Here we go.
 Halfway till there ! We all sweat like hell :O
 Summit of Mount Santubong :) 

Journey to Mount Singai...
D.I.Y Stand of the day :D
Halfway of Mount Singai
At the summit of Mount Singai 

Summit! Kai xin! :D

Group Photo!

Chill time.. drinking coconuts with the gang

Next, let us proceed with the December birthdays ! :D hmm, celebrated Seth's and Viv's Birthday in December, one in Kuching, the other one in KL. Both were great and memorable ;)

Happy Birthday Seth!  
Happy Birthday Vivian!

Moving on, I wanna share about how huge and fun it is to club in kayelle compared to kuching. Seriously had a lot of fun with these people. They rock the hell out of my world. Credits to Harmony for some of the pictures were grabbed from her blog :P

Luna Bar with Yan and Thomas

Luna Bar with Andrew and Shing 

Luna Bar with the Birthday Girl, Viv , Jireh , Ian and Pao
 For New Year's Eve Countdown, we head on over to Virtigo Club
The happening and Bright light Dance Floor

The clubbing Gang in kayelle ;D

We just love to dance and take pics !

Very very happening dance floor

Cheeeseee ~

Take 2 !

Happy New Year 2012 People! ;D