Thursday, June 10, 2010

20th Kuching City District Camp

The 20th Kuching City District Camp has once again arrived ! It was held from the 5th till 9th ofJune 2010.Members are once again busy preparing for it, giving out the best they can. Honestly,I find District Camp very challenging, creative and you can actually find many groups doing different kinds of gadgets that attract your attention. The Lucas Chin Camping Standard Competition is the one that makes every group to strive for their best and win it in their hand. Fortunately, this year 05th Kuching won back the trophy that was lost 2 years ago. Below are a few pictures grabbed during the 20th Kucing City District Camp.

The slope that everyone have to walk up before they reach the campsite.

05th Kuching City Scout Group !!

Senior Patrol 1 (Gate)

Senior Patrol 1 (Emergency rack)

Senior Patrol 1 (Tower)

Senior Patrol (Balrog)

Senior Patrol(View 1)

Senior Patrol(View 2)

Senior Patrol(View 3)

Senior Patrol(View 4)

Boys Junior Patrol 1

Senior Patrol (View 5)

Senior Patrol 2

Senior Patrol 2(Gate)

Senior Patrol 2(Dining Table)

Boys Junior Patrol 2

Campfire Burning. . . .

Everyone going *HIGH*

05th Kuching Supporters!

Singing singing ~

05th Kuching Supporters!
Waiting for announcing..

Senior Patrol 1(Champion)

Senior Patrol 2(2nd runner up)

Boys Junior Patrol 1

Boys Junior Patrol 2

Girls Junior Patrol 1

Girls Junior Patrol 2

20th District Camp Participants, Rovers and Scouters (2010)

Congratulations to all 20th District Camp particiapants, rovers and scouters ! Everyone have played their role and making this a success ;D

Thursday, June 3, 2010

First Post !

Hey there !
I'm Aelred and I'm a new blogger.This is my first time blogging and the reason why I'm setting up this blog is to share with you all bits and bites of my life.I'll be posting some of the stuff that I'm selling on this blog as well,do stay tune !! I'll try my very best to update my blog from time to time and making it as interesting as possible ;) Do feel free to look around and give me comments on my blog.Thank you !